The first natural rammed earth project to be undertaken in Nova Scotia, we designed the structure as an ephemeral instance, understanding that over time it would naturally deteriorate from the harsh atlantic elements back to the earth. Designed as a garden pavilion to house bicycles and garden tools, the form has two flowing curves that bend toward each other,  with a rounded roof built from the formwork that was used for ramming the earth, thereby embedding the memory of the construction process into the completed structure. A custom made steel angle and saddle bridges the two walls and was left untreated so that it will weather with the structure, the hanging door made from an old industrial conveyor belt cut by water jet using a custom floral pattern.

Team: Jay Meyer, Jeremiah Deutcher, David Bourque, Adam Reid, Jenn Reid, Patrick Jardine, Peter Sassenroth
Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Completed: July 2007

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