Sea(O2) Scraper
The worlds oceans are rising. Thermal expansion combined with melting ice sheets and ice caps have begun to increase the rates of rise as well. It is currently projected by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change that within the 21st century we can expect ocean levels rising a minimum of 18 to 59 cm, while other less reserved groups estimate between 80 and 200cm, and a potential 6 meters over several centuries. There will be catastrophic effects; a 1 meter increase in sea levels will cover an approximate 2,223,000 km2 of land, and displace 145,000,000 people, causing devastating food shortages and massive economic losses.

Even if the greenhouse gases were brought under control today, and decreased to an acceptable level that Earths systems could dispose, the thermal expansion of the oceans will continue for the next millennia. As a global community we need to explore new methods of mitigating the damages and adapting to the emerging new world geography.

The Sea(O2) Scraper is an attempt at mitigating the major issues that we will face from the rising sea levels and adapting to the new geography. It will provide homes for the displaced populations, create vertical farming systems to respond to the losses in farm land, and have facilities to capture and store Carbon Dioxide.

The Sea(O2) Scraper is a complete living system, with energy production from Tidal, Solar, and Wind.

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