I was awarded first place in the design competition for 10 metalwork gates and fixed grilles that were fabricated and installed as a part of a renovation project at Dalhousie University's Faculty of Architecture and Planning administration area and resource centre. Dalhousies School of Architecture has a strong focus on sustainable design, and so I wanted the screens to have some relation to nature. The resulting design was intended to mimic the light penetration of a forest canopy. To generate the penetrations, I abstracted apertures of a variety of shapes and sizes based on photos of a forest canopy. The design and placement of the gates and grilles are intended to bring light and air into the foyer, resource centre and faculty area, while providing good security. Fabricated of laser cut steel, the panels were fastened onto frames mounted in openings of the walls, with standard locksets installed on the gates. Materials and finishes in the renovated foyer are natural clay plaster walls, light-reflecting ceiling, aluminum light fixtures and maple millwork. 

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